Saturday, October 4, 2008

To Do List

Just for kicks, we thought it would be entertaining to post our To Do List. These are those things that are vital to finish before we leave the country on 29 October (only 3 weeks left!). Plus, this way I'm guaranteed not to lose the list:
1. Rent house.
2. Sell car.
3. Damp proof basement for storage of extra stuff.
4. Clean awning plus South and North side of house.
5. Paint ceiling in sunroom and plaster/paint ceiling in bathroom.
6. Stain and hang 4th blind in sunroom.
7. Strip and paint wood on S side of house.
8. Massive works in the garden.
9. Finalise gardening/property management details.
10. Finish underfloor insulation.
11. Clean under sunroom.
12. Cancel internet, VOIP, Genesis, Telecom.
13. Buy tickets to Hong Kong.
14. Change insurance for tenants.
15. Get woodburner/flue cleaned.
16. Pack belongings.
17. Clean gutters.
18. Add more pages to passport.
19. Mail info for Bruce's visa to Kentucky.
20. Finish sending out invites for bbq.
21. Buy vacuum-sealed bags.
22. Get builder to look at joist.
23. Schedule skip hire for stuff to get rid of.
24. Change address for everything.
25. Mail SR booklets.
26. Fix garage door...
So, as you can see, we won't be getting bored any time soon. Wonder if we'll actually get it all completed?? Guess I should get started instead of procrastinating by making this list.

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The Pixy Princess said...

I'll check back in 2 weeks for your progress report!