Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Step at a Time

Settling in here in Korea hasn’t been easy for us, but we’re happy to report that we’re actually able to sleep at night having moved into a new apartment with windows that close. Plus, we’re the happy owners of two chairs which means we’re really living in style now!
Bruce is finding new ways to entertain/teach his kids and loves the giant Legos he gets to play with during the day. I was asked to cover for a sick teacher who does an after-school program at a public school, so I’ve been taking the subway and a bus (1 ½ hours each way) to get to Shin Song school. I like the lesson planning and most of my kids are great, however, a few I could easily term as distracted monsters.

True to our hopes, we’ve been able to get out and about to explore a bit. Last weekend was the celebration for Buddha’s birthday and we met up with our friend Jin who lives in Seoul for a great lunch at a traditional Korean restaurant. Later, we attended the lotus lantern parade and festival which was definitely a colourful affair. We even brought some of the colour home, as a Buddhist monk was kind enough to give us his lantern. We soon found 4 more and you wouldn’t believe the stares we got on the one-hour subway ride home!

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