Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unexpected turns at every corner

A friend of mine recently reminded me that it has been awhile since I've updated our blog. And indeed, reading back through the last post I realise that it has been over 3 months. Wow how time flies when you're changing poopy diapers!

As many of you know, our expected little girl turned out to be a very spirited boy who we named Luke. The first couple of weeks were great - we schlepped him everywhere from day 4. Turns out he's a very social little boy which is a blessing because I'm not sure we'd know what to do if he was quiet and reserved!

Unfortunately, in his 3rd week, Luke turned out to have a very intense case of acid reflux. He was in so much pain that it was hard for him to sleep, but he's such a good baby that he'd hardly ever complain. Luckily, we've been able to see a GI pediatric specialist who's gotten Luke on medication twice a day and we've seen a huge improvement in the last few weeks. I think we're through the worst and look forward to the night he starts sleeping through.

Bruce's application for permanent residency is proceeding and we have an interview scheduled for mid-May. This is the last step before he's given his greencard, so fingers crossed. He's also looking for a teaching position so if you know of any leads, shout out! He's hoping to work towards his Colorado licensure or a Masters at the same time, so I'm thinking it will be years before he is ever bored again.

I'm hoping to take a year off from work to stay with Luke and we also want to buy a home in Denver before too long. Many, many changes in our lives and we look forward to many more. Knowing Luke, he's going to keep us guessing and jumping at every moment. I imagine it won't be too long before he's walking as he's already able to stand on his own at only 3 months. Lord have mercy!

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