Friday, January 25, 2008

Love long weekends!

This past weekend, Bruce and I took a quick flight to Christchurch on the South Island to celebrate our 2nd anniversary (only 6 months late!!)

We spent two days in the largest city of the South Island, enjoying heaps of great food, lots of sun and an International Busker festival. There were acts from all over the world, but I enjoyed the acrobatic clowns from Sweden and Ireland, Tumble Circus,
the most.

Having heard that Akaroa (1 ½ hours south) is the place to swim with the smallest dolphin in the world, we donned wetsuits to go and visit the Hectors dolphins. They proved to be more elusive than thought, so alas, we will have to return another day to play with our frolicking friends.

In Akaroa, we stayed at a farm hostel which meant lots of hiking along the harbour shore and sleeping in a stargazer hut – perfect for those cloudless, starry nights, bad for sleeping in! Two of the ceiling boards are replaced with glass so you can see through and look up at the night sky, very peaceful…

All-in-all, it was a fantastic escape and we can’t wait to return to Christchurch again!

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