Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grocery Store or Farmers Market? (AKA Ode to the Farmers Market)

As the price of groceries (and the cost of living in general) continues to skyrocket here in beautiful Aotearoa, Bruce and I have had to make a hard decision: do we pay $150+ a week for groceries at the store or go without eating??

Luckily, some astute immigrants have come to the rescue. That’s right, the blessed farmers market on Saturday morning - now we don’t have to choose between the two! Even in the dead of winter you’ll find the market set up and it’s possible to get all your fruits and vegetables for half the price or less than the grocery store.

During the week, we went to the grocery store to get enough milk, bread, eggs, meat, cheese, chips, etc to tide us over til the weekend and spent a whopping $76 for what you see here.

On Saturday, we went to the Riverside Market and gave a nice Chinese family $8 for cherries, bananas, carrots, apricots and strawberries. No complaints here! Now if only the farmers market sold meat…

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