Friday, March 28, 2008

$100 of underware!

And not just any underware... we're talking THUNDERPANTS underware - guaranteed not to ride up your bum!!!

Right, so what am I on about anyway? A couple of weekends ago our friends David and Sandie came down from Auckland for a visit. On Sunday, the four of us and several friends from The Rock participated in the annual Round the Vines in the Wairapara which is a fundraiser for the local school. Basically, it means you get decked out in a funny costume and then walk 10 kilometers through vineyards while sampling some fantastic wines and eating way too many grapes, finally finishing with a picnic in the park.

Our whole group went as Ward 13, and David, Sandie, Bruce and myself went as South Station. Sandie went as the pharmacist, prescribing drugs for patient David who was lying on the bed (Bruce and I). See our wheels?? At the end of the day, spot prizes and awards for best costumes are given including weekends away, nights at local cottages (Penny and Adrian won this), bottles of wine, and adventure activities. The big moment came, and YES! our names were called! We proudly stode forward to claim our prize and what did we get? $100 worth of Thunderpants. I'm not joking!

Actually, I find I'm quite attached to them...


The Pixy Princess said...

It's all about the non itchy pants!
Welcome to the world of blogging! This is a great way for me to keep in touch with all your adventures.

Lisa said...

Nothing beats good undies! Job well done you two! ~Lisa