Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mommy's Coming!

Umm, sorry about that but she's already come and gone and I'm just a bit behind the times. Anyway, I wanted to catch you up on where Bruce and I have been over the last few months as you can see I've not written about anything since Easter which was only just written a few days ago. It's been a really hectic but great time.

Mom arrived on the 4th of April and after handing out the many presents that she had packed in her suitcase including Twizzlers and my new camera (thank you so much, I love it!!), we got stuck straight into the garden. Planting 1325 bulbs at final count is no mean feat but we did it and come this Spring, our garden will be overflowing with beautiful flowers. So, if you're in the vicinity, stop on by this Spring and have a look-see.

All 3 of us headed down to the South Island to do a bit of exploring. We first headed to Lake Tekapo where my friend Vesna got married. Can you imagine a sweeter, more romantic place to get married? It was just amazing. The autumn colours were beginning to change and we managed to get off the beaten path and see some amazing views.

The South Island is absolutly gorgeous and over the next several posts I'll take you to some choice spots that we visited. If you've been there before, hopefully you'll bear with me. If you've not been there before, I hope you find it as inspiring as I have done.

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The Pixy Princess said...

I'm so glad you like traveling with your visitors! Looking forward to this Dec!